Faye Brookes reveals new love interest for Coronation Street character

ICONINSIDER — Faye Brookes has revealed her ‘Coronation Street’ character Kate Connor is getting a new love interest.
The 29-year-old actress has played the Bistro waitress in the ITV soap since 2015, and after previously engaging in romances with soldier Caz Hammond (Rhea Bailey) and more recently Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent), Faye has now said her character will be seen turning to someone “unexpected”.
Faye said: “There’s love coming her way,
“Which I think she so rightly deserves after what she’s going through but it’s completely unexpected.
“I’m thrilled about it. I don’t know whether the general public are going to take to it, I just know it’s going to shock people for the right reasons.
“I think this love interest is just what Weatherfield needs – it’s not what you expect at all.”
Kate identifies as a lesbian and has been seen dating women throughout her time on the show, and Faye insists that won’t be changing.
Asked if there was a chance Kate could romance a man, Faye said: “I’m not even going to pander to that, Kate knows who she is.
And Faye also insisted Kate’s new romance will not see her rekindle her relationship with Sophie, although she expects there will still be an element of “jealousy” between the involved parties.
She said: “Sophie’s got her sister back, she is busy with her and the drama there and the drama she brings but I love that they have each other.
“I think they’ve just found a good friendship but there might be a little jealousy there when a new love interest comes along but I think Kate would feel exactly the same way if Sophie got a new girlfriend.”
The actress did, however, admit she would love Kate and Sophie to get back together, but wants it to happen further “down the line”.
She told The Sun Online: “I would love them to get back together but I would like to be in ‘Corrie’ for a few years so maybe that’s down the line.”

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