Zac Efron loves Steve McQueen

ICONINSIDER — Zac Efron’s “number one style icon” is Steve McQueen.
The ‘Baywatch’ star also thought the late king of pop, Michael Jackson was “crazily stylish”.
He said: “Steve McQueen, he’s my number one (style icon), he’s just classic and cool and never tries too hard.
“But on the other hand, I also love Michael Jackson. He was so crazily stylish, have you seen his clothes on stage? Unbelievable.”
The 29-year-old actor – who is the face of a new Hugo Boss fragrance campaign – likes to rock a bomber jacket on his days off and he lives in black t-shirts.
He told “On my days off, I’m usually working on something anyway, how sad is that? So it’s pretty much what I always wear – jeans, a bomber, a T-shirt,” he smiled. I haven’t worn a tracksuit for, like, two-and-a-half years, but this year I’m going to take a break and chill out in one for sure.
“It might sound boring, but I really do live in black T-shirts. My life can be quite hectic, but with black T-shirts, I can run in them, but they’re classy enough to go somewhere cool or to go to a meeting in. I own dozens.”

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