The Prince of Wales reportedly never gave his late wife Princess Diana flowers

ICONINSIDER — The Prince of Wales reportedly never gave his late wife Princess Diana flowers.
The 71-year-old royal was married to Diana for 15 years prior to her tragic death in 1997 aged 36, but it is rumoured during their relationship Prince Charles didn’t send his partner bouquets despite his supposed love for gardening.
And Diana’s designer Paul Costelloe, 71, has claimed he was the only one to gift Diana flowers, which she was “thrilled” to receive.
He said: “I would go to Kensington Palace and bring her a bunch of flowers each time.
“She was so thrilled. I don’t think he (Charles) ever gave her a flower.”
And the creative mastermind has revealed he loved creating garments for Diana when she was alive and has credited his pieces made exclusively for her as his “most amazing work”.
He said: “My other most amazing work was for Diana. I got paid well there.
“I particularly loved a suit I designed for her, when she appeared in Hyde Park with Pavarotti.
“It was raining but she was sun-kissed and breathtakingly gorgeous. I get tears in my eyes when I think about her.”
And Paul has revealed he was allowed to ditch the titles and call Diana – who has sons Prince William, 34, and Prince Harry, 32, with Charles – and he didn’t bow to her either because he felt “free” to express himself how he wanted to.
He explained to The Sunday Times: “We Irish are free in our expressions, so I just called her Diana – I didn’t bow or call her ma’am.”

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