Scotty T suspended from Geordie Shore again?

ICONINSIDER — Scotty T has reportedly been suspended from ‘Geordie Shore’ indefinitely.
The 29-year-old reality TV star – who first joined the boozy show four years ago – has been told he’s not allowed to shoot the current series of the MTV programme after he failed to listen to pleas for him to sort out his erratic behaviour and wild partying.
A source told The Sun newspaper: “Scott has been removed from filming as he has not followed orders to clean up his act. His behaviour on set hasn’t improved and the producers had no option but to send him packing.
“He was suspended last series for the very same thing and was told to go and sort himself out, which he did. But he is back at it again and they have had enough. They have banned him from filming the second half of the series.”
The news that the lothario has again been kicked off the show comes just weeks after fans got excited when they heard he had been allowed to return to the infamous house following a six-month suspension because he was unreliable and kept turning up to filming with a hangover.
In July last year, a TV source said: “Scotty has gone from virtually unknown to a huge star in a very short space of time so it’s understandable that it’s all gone to his head but he just needs to reassess and calm down a bit.”
And it’s not just Scotty – whose real name is Scott Timlin – who has caused problems for the production team as Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle – who also joined the programme in 2011 – failed to turn up to filming for an entire week because he was busy playing golf.
An insider said: “Some of the cast are angry that Gaz is allowed to waltz in whenever it suits him. Everyone else has to play by the rules so why make exceptions for him? Everyone has a busy schedule outside of the show but they have to make it work.
“Gaz is well liked among the cast but some people feel he’s getting special treatment from bosses.”

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