Scotty T returning to Geordie Shore for good

ICONINSIDER — Scotty T is returning to ‘Geordie Shore’ for good.
The 28-year-old lothario was off screens for six months after bosses of the MTV show threatened to kick him off the show for his wild behaviour but now fans of the show will see the return of the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner.
A source told The Sun Online: “There’s been a lot of speculation around whether he was going to come back or not because of his wild partying – the production company discussed maybe giving him a break to get over his problems but it looks like he’s now back on track.”
Scotty will be entering the house permanently this week for the first time since last July as he joins the rest of the cast to start filming series 15.
Only four weeks ago bosses were trying to decide whether or not to remove him from the show completely but now the reality personality will be a main fixture of the show.
An insider said: “Scotty T might not be welcome back for the next series.
“He has been called in for a meeting with the show’s execs where they will decide if he has a future on ‘Geordie Shore’.
“The cast have known for a while he has serious problems. MTV really value Scotty they think he’s a great talent and really want to keep him in company but they need to consider taking him off ‘Geordie Shore’ and if the partying lifestyle for his own good.”
His future on the show was thrown into question last summer when he was warned if he didn’t become more reliable and stop being hungover when filming he would be booted out, The Sun Online reports.
In July, a TV source said: “Scotty has gone from virtually unknown to a huge star in a very short space of time so it’s understandable that it’s all gone to his head but he just needs to reassess and calm down a bit.”

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