Ruby Rose ‘loved’ bowl haircut

ICONINSIDER — Ruby Rose “loved” her “hated” bowl cut hairstyle.
The ‘Orange is the New Black’ star has no cares what anyone else thought about her hairstyle and has admitted that she grew fonder of it the more people criticised it.
She said: “Everybody hated it! I loved it! I loved it even more when people hated it.
“That was also pre-me even knowing how to do my own make-up.”
However, one look she has regretted is when she attempted to go blonde in 2009, which left her with burn marks.
She said: “(I) got all chemical burns and terrible fringe.”
Now, the 31-year-old beauty has a short black pixie cut and while she was “frightened” about it at first, she loves the “understated” look
She told “I love this look. It was daring and I was a little bit frightened, but I have an amazing make-up artist and hair team. I remember being like, ‘I don’t know if I can get away with this,’ and with the lip being such a bold statement and the eye being so understated.”
Ruby previously revealed how she used to be laughed at by her peers at school for her way of dressing, and when she began her career she was urged to change.
She said: “I’ve been doing it forever, and people would make fun of me.
“People at school would say, ‘Why are you dressing like a guy?’ or ‘Why aren’t you wearing a dress?’
“Or when I had a few auditions, people were like, ‘I think you should wear this’, or ‘I think you should do it differently’ or ‘I think you should grow your hair’.
“Even when I got my first job, people were telling me that I needed to change what was innately me.”

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