Robert Carradine blames wife for crash in 2015

ICONINSIDER — Robert Carradine has claimed his wife is to blame for him crashing his car two years ago because she allegedly “cut off” the medication he was on for his bipolar disorder.
The ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ star has admitted he was in a psychotic state when he got behind the wheel of his vehicle and ploughed head first into a semi-truck, which almost killed him and his spouse, in 2015 because Edith – who he married in 1990 – had taken him off his medication which, ultimately, led to him experiencing psychosis.
The court documents, obtained by TMZ, filed by Robert claim he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder shortly after his brother David’s tragic death in 2009.
However, Edith alleges in her legal papers that the 63-year-old actor had admitted after the incident that he crashed the car on purpose in a bid to kill them both.
The pair’s bitter divorce is still ongoing and it doesn’t look like the end is in sight any time soon as Robert has claimed his estranged spouse blew the $70,000 they pulled in after they agreed to make an appearance on ‘Celebrity Wife Swap.’
Robert has attempted to settle the divorce but, according to the gossip site, Edith refused to sign because they are currently disputing the sale of his gun collection.
Edith has claimed the guns are a danger to Robert because he could hurt himself and wants to use the money from the sale of the firearms to pay her legal fees.

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