Plan B’s song appeals to the heart

ICONINSIDER — Plan B has asked fans to connect with his new single using their “heart” and not just their “head”.
The 33-year-old musician – whose real name is Ben Drew – dropped his new single ‘In The Name of Man’ for fans on social media on Wednesday (17.05.17).
And now, the ‘She Said’ hitmaker has released a Making Of commentary video to accompany the video for the track, which is taken from his upcoming fourth studio album.
In the clip, he highlights his inspirations and motivations that went in to creating the visual and explained how he hopes fans will “connect” to its underlying message
He explained: “The only power we have as artists is to create a catalyst that sparks a conversation on a wider scale, and I know the media already do that, but they so often do it in a way that caters to the political views of an intended audience. Whereas art comments on these issues from a more sincere point of view, with its only agenda being to make you feel some emotion from the information it’s conveying to you. In essence, connect with your heart, not just your head.”
The video sees a collaboration between Plan B and Flabbergast Theatre, a small company that he came across at a show in Angel, London.
The ‘Ill Manors’ filmmaker was hugely inspired by their innovative and incredibly life-like use of puppetry, often using tiny movements to convey bold emotions, resulting in dynamic and moving story-telling, which is perfectly suited for the often heart-rending lyrics of the track itself.
The concept for the single’s video is centered on mass upheaval, and it sees the use of puppets to form a compelling and often shocking narrative. It shows people displaced from their home, juxtaposed against captivating historical footage of the past.
Ben continued: “The more music, film and literature there is out there that appeals to better nature of our humanity, and makes us think about our actions, the better informed we’ll be when we find ourselves in situations where we have a moral choice to make, and hopefully, help us make the right one.”
The forthcoming album is follow up to his 2012 record ‘Ill Manors’ – also a movie – and Plan B previously revealed there would be no rapping on his upcoming album, because he believes the songs – which are centered around his experience becoming a father to his daughter – “felt more natural” being sung.
The piece can be viewed here:

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