Natasha Bedingfield’s brother helped her pop career

ICONINSIDER — Natasha Bedingfield has thanked her brother Daniel Bedingfield for helping her break into the music industry.
The 35-year-old singer released her debut album ‘Unwritten’ in 2004 and she believes her older sibling, who emerged onto the scene two years earlier, “opened the door” for the blonde beauty to follow in his footsteps and secure a record deal.
Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’ about her career, the ‘These Words’ hitmaker said: “And then my brother [Daniel] really opened the door for me because he was making music in his bedroom and using all this amazing gear.
“A DJ released his song and it blew up and he kept telling people his sister was amazing too. Everyone was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, everyone has a talented sister.’ But he kept talking about me and somehow I got a record deal.”
Natasha has remained off the music scene for a few years until she released her new single ‘Let Go’ this year, and she believes the industry has become “very relaxed” now in comparison to a few years ago when she was starting out because she feels “free” to be “authentic” with her tracks.
The artist explained: “I’m feeling very relaxed about it because I feel free. The rules have changed in music and I’m excited about that – it doesn’t feel like you have to get a label commission for everything now. It feels like you can just be you and have your vision, which is great because I think the most important thing is being authentic.”
Natasha has also reportedly been working in the recording studio with Brandy as well as Tinie Tempah on forthcoming records.

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