Miranda Hart rules out Miranda film

ICONINSIDER — Miranda Hart says there won’t be a spin-off film of her sitcom show ‘Miranda’.
The 44-year-old comedienne insists the popular BBC show, which ended in 2015, won’t be getting the big screen treatment as she doesn’t think films like those would work.
Asked if there would be a movie version of ‘Miranda’, she said: “I considered it and worked towards writing a script. Then I kept thinking, these films never work.
“The transition from a studio sitcom to a film never works – The Inbetweeners is a perfect example of it working brilliantly, because it was filmic anyway. But what are [the characters] doing on location? And we’re not hearing laughs [from the audience], so it’s such a different thing.”
And Miranda has revealed it was ‘Dad’s Army’ writer Jimmy Perry who convinced her not to take the show to the big screen.
She added: “I read that Jimmy Perry randomly wrote this article talking about that transition from studio sitcoms to films and he said ‘I hope Miranda doesn’t do it because what she’s written is a studio sitcom and that’s what it should be’. And I thought, well he knows, so I’m going to honour that.
“So he inadvertently told me not to do the film. And then I wrote what was the film script for the finales … [where] they split up and then got back together and the beautiful galloping along the beach on a horse. It would have been a good movie story, but I’ve done it.”
However, Miranda hasn’t ruled out the return of her alter ego and Gary Preston, played by Tom Ellis.
Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Extra, she shared: “I think you could do married life as a sitcom, with Miranda and Gary and see how they’re getting on.”

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