Michael Fassbender: My ‘perfect’ day would be spent ‘at the beach’

ICONINSIDER — Michael Fassbender’s “perfect” day would be spent “at the beach” with his family.
The 40-year-old actor – who is in a relationship with actress Alicia Vikander – has said his two favourite places are “in the water” and with his family, and so says a day spent combining the two is his idea of heaven.
Asked where he is happiest, the ‘Alien: Covenant’ star said: “In the water. And with my family. So a day at the beach with them would be the perfect combination.”
And Michael – who is an avid surfer – says hitting the waves is his number one source of relaxation, as he finds the sea “calming”.
When asked how he switches off, he said: “I surf – wherever I am in the world, I seek the waves. It’s calming, and beautiful.”
The ‘Assassin’s Creed’ actor lists “absolute loyalty” as the quality he looks for in his relationships, and highlighted important advice he received from his parents, who told him have “belief” in himself.
Asked what the best advice he’s ever received was, Michael said: “It came from my parents. They told me, ‘Whatever you decide to do, and the choice is yours, give it 100%.’ And they also said, ‘If you have a good idea, have belief in yourself.'”
And Michael also praised a woman named Joan for recently showing him an act of kindness when she paid for his train fare after he forgot his wallet.
Speaking to the Huffington Post as part of their ‘Wise Words’ segment, the star said: “[My most recent act of kindess] was [from] a woman called Joan. I didn’t have my wallet and she gave me the money for a train fare. I got her details, phoned her to give the money back and we had a nice conversation, so both of us came away very happy. It was a sweet moment in a sometimes hard world.”

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