Megan McKenna regrets getting intimate with an ex during Ex on the Beach

ICONINSIDER — Megan McKenna “regrets” getting “intimate” with one of her former boyfriends during her time on ‘Ex on the Beach’.
The 24-year-old television personality rose to fame in 2015 after she appeared on the MTV reality show – which puts a group of singletons together on a tropical getaway and invites their former flames along to mix things up – and has revealed she got hot and heavy with her ex whilst on the show, and now wishes she hadn’t.
She said: “I have a few regrets on ‘Ex on the Beach’. I did get a bit intimate with one of my boyfriends on there. I wish I didn’t.”
And the brunette beauty admits she didn’t realise she was going on the programme until the last minute, as she thought she had been picked for another MTV dating show named ‘Are You The One?’
She added: “Do you know what, I actually loved it. I went to Mexico for a month for free, I was buzzing. But it was very stressful. To be honest, I didn’t actually know that I was going on ‘Ex on the Beach’. When I first got it they said it’s a new dating show. I thought it must be that program, ‘Are You The One?’
“Even up to the last minute I got to the airport, you have to hand your phones over. It’s very secretive. No-one knows this part. I was actually lying in my hotel room the night before I went in and ‘Ex on the Beach’ came on telly. I was watching the clips of how they’ve done it and was like ‘I’ve filmed that!'”
After her success on the show, Megan – who now stars in reality show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ – was approached by bosses at ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and became a contestant on the show in 2016.
Speaking about her time in the infamous house, Megan told ‘BUILD’: “I loved it. Apart from the time they did starve me a little bit when we were puppets. I was really hungry and I get hangry [hungry and angry], bad. Because I’d had two days of eating puppet food, when we got the alcohol I was like oh my god, I’m gonna down the alcohol.”
“So I think it kind of hit me. I got really drunk and had a bit of a meltdown. Do you know what, I actually didn’t remember most of it and when I woke up the next morning they had to say back what I’d said and what times I’d said it, because I said ‘I don’t believe that’.”

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