Line of Duty to get 6th series?

ICONINSIDER — ‘Line Of Duty’s creator is hoping the show will get a sixth series.
Jed Mercurio has only just been given the go-ahead to pen another instalment of the police drama following the conclusion of series four but he’s hoping that bosses will recommission it for another batch of episode before he starts working on the next one because he says it would be “nice to know” it’s not the end before.
Speaking on companion show ‘Beyond the Line of Duty’, he said: “It’s not my decision in the end. It’s the broadcaster and the fans that are still watching the show, but I love making the show. We all love working together. So at the moment, no-one wants to stop making ‘Line of Duty’. I’d definitely like to be able to do a sixth series. That means we can approach the fifth series knowing that it’s not going to be the last.”
However, viewers will have to wait a while before they’ll be able to watch the fifth series as Jed has revealed they’re not planning to start shooting until the end of next year.
He explained: “The plan is we won’t shoot ‘Line of Duty’ series five until next year and that means it won’t be on air until 2019. We haven’t even decided if the next antagonist will be male or female, we are that far off from puzzling it out.”
Although Jed hasn’t started working on the script for the fifth instalment yet, the cast have to agree to some strict terms and conditions before they’re given their lines.
A source said previously: “The cast’s contracts stipulate they can’t give away the show’s secrets. That is the last thing any would want to do but if they did by accident they would be in breach of contract.
“And the consequences could be serious. They might even face financial penalties.”

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