Liam Payne ‘angry’ with Cheryl for X Factor snub

ICONINSIDER — Liam Payne is still really “angry” that his now-girlfriend Cheryl didn’t give him a standing ovation when he performed a tear-jerking ballad on ‘The X Factor’ seven years ago.
The former One Direction singer has admitted he hasn’t let his partner live it down that she remained sat in her seat on the show’s judging panel when he belted out the lyrics to ‘Cry Me A River’ – despite everyone else standing to clap – during his audition, just because she wanted to get back at Simon Cowell for snubbing her act.
Speaking on heat radio, he said: “I got a standing ovation from everyone except for Cheryl, which I thought was hilarious.
“She said she was having a row with Simon because he should have stood up for somebody else, so she didn’t stand up for me. But I’m still, I’m angry about that.”
The couple – who have been together just under two years – are now parents to four-month-old Bear and the 23-year-old hunk is trying to get his pop star girlfriend to watch ‘Breaking Bad’ with him but so far she doesn’t seem to be engrossed.
He explained when asked what he’s been watching on television recently: “‘Breaking Bad’, I’ve just started watching it again, trying to get the missus to watch it, she ain’t having it. I’m just forcing it.
“I’ve just taken the remote and it’s happening. She got to the part where he blows up the building, but she needs to get further than that, ’cause it just gets so good.”

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