Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell move in together

ICONINSIDER — Kristen Stewart’s girlfriend Stella Maxwell has moved into her home.
The ‘Twilight’ actress has been romancing the stunning model – who is Miley Cyrus’ ex – for just over a year and it seems like things are getting serious as the pair are now living together and have even been talking about getting hitched in the near future.
A source said: “Stella recently moved into Kristen’s four-bedroom LA home, and things are going from strength to strength. Everybody assumed that this would be a fling, but they’re behaving like an old married couple. Kristen has even started referring to Stella as her wife and told her close friends that she can see herself marring her. Stella has already been introduced to Kristen’s mother Jules, who thinks they’re a perfect match. She’s given them her blessing.”
However, although her mother is impressed with her new partner, not all of her friends are convinced she’s doing the right thing and are concerned she’s rushing into things too quickly.
The insider told Grazia: “Not everyone is convinced that Kristen is ready for this level of commitment. Kristen has a lot of issues when it comes to relationships and she’s never really addressed them. She runs very hot and cold with her partners and can switch overnight with someone and then it’s over – friends are worried that she is only going to end up getting herself, or more likely Stella, extremely hurt. At the moment, they’re spending every minute together, and historically this has always backfired. Kristen’s insisting that Stella has changed her and is over all that crazy behaviour from her past. This is the first real relationship since Robert Pattinson where she has considered marriage.”

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