John Boyega: Woyzeck is not Disney Live

ICONINSIDER — John Boyega warns fans his new play is not ‘Disney Live’.
The 25-year-old actor – who starred as Stormtrooper Finn in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ – is about to star in German play ‘Woyzeck’ at London’s The Old Vic, and has warned ‘Star Wars’ fans that the dark play is nothing like the interactive stage show ‘Disney Live’.
Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, the actor said: “I’m definitely aware that people will be coming to see me because I’m in ‘Star Wars’.
“Someone said to me, ‘I can’ wait to see your play because you were fantastic in ‘Star Wars’, so it will be great to see you live on stage’.
“Some people think they are going to see ‘Disney Live’ but it’s going to be the opposite of that.
“It is such a daunting, heavy story but a necessary story and I think they are in for a shock.
“I am really excited about that and I actually really appreciate that a lot of ‘Star Wars’ fans are going to come in and see this.”
The Old Vic, in London’s Waterloo, was previously run by Hollywood star Kevin Spacey and John joked that he could “smell” the icon when he walked into the theatre.
He said: “I could smell Spacey when I walked in. It’s a nice smell.”
And John says he trying to get fellow A-List stars Daniel Craig and Chris Pratt to come and see his performance.
He said: “I am trying to get Daniel Craig in. That will be really fun, and [I’m] trying to get Chris Pratt in too.”
‘Woyzeck’ follows the story of a barber who murders his wife and is forced to deal with his unstable mindset.
The play is written by Jack Thorne, who is responsible for the critically acclaimed stage show ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’.
Previews of ‘Woyzeck’ begin on May 15.

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