Jeremy Scott and Cara Delevingne collaborate with Magnum

ICONINSIDER — Jeremy Scott and Cara Delevingne have collaborated with Magnum for a new campaign.
The 41-year-old fashion designer – who is the creative director of the luxury brand Moschino – and the 24-year-old model have joined forces with the ice cream brand for their Release the Beast advert to celebrate the Magnum Double sweet treat.
As part of the creative mastermind’s latest venture he has directed an entertaining short film featuring the ‘Suicide Squad’ actress, as well as Moschino characters, also known as beasts, which have been sketched by Jeremy.
And the beasts, which have been brought to life by animator Uli Meyer, are set to make an appearance in the Magnum x Moschino film, which will be unveiled at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 18 and will capture them going to extreme measures to get their hands on Cara’s Magnum.
And Jeremy has admitted his latest venture has been “beyond fun” for him, and he also loved working with the brand as well as the fashion muse.
He said: “The collaboration with Magnum, from designing the beasts to directing the film has been beyond fun for me. Working with Cara was amazing, and being bold with fashion is something I try to bring to life in my work every day. Fashion is that element of expression that gives you pleasure and allows for you to show off your personality and attitude. It’s fun to be able to give people that outlet! I’m so excited for you to see what we’ll be sharing in Cannes – watch out for the beasts!”
The catwalk icon has praised Jeremy for his film, and has admitted it is only an “awesome” creation because Jeremy was behind the production.
Cara said: “What I love about this film is it’s all about indulging in life’s little pleasures. Plus, how could making a film with Jeremy Scott about ice cream not be awesome? Delicious from beginning to end.”

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