Isabeli Fontana ‘double cleanses’ her face

ICONINSIDER — Isabeli Fontana “double cleanses” her face before she goes to sleep.
The 33-year-old model – who began her career in the fashion industry in 1999 aged 16 – has revealed she carries out a thorough make-up removal routine most evenings before she goes to bed, which sees her cleanse her face twice, and apply a face mask.
Speaking about the process in a video with, the brunette beauty said: “Okay, first i take my make-up off with my micellar water cleanser.
“[Then I spray] my mineral water just to clear it out. Feels so good. Take this off.
“I do my double cleansing to make sure everything is off.”
The Brazilian fashion muse – who has starred in campaigns for prestigious luxury labels including Versace, Valentino as well as Dolce and Gabbana – continues to apply nourishing and hydrating serums to her olive-coloured skin, especially under her eyes.
Isabeli – who has sons Lucas, 10, and Zion, 13, from her two previous relationships – then applies a Jinseng shot mask, which she purchased during a trip to Korea, and leaves it on her face for 10 minutes.
However, the fashion icon has warned people to apply the sheet when home alone so not to scare anyone, although she “loves” looking “weird”.
She explained: “So I got a mask from Korea, it’s a Jinseng shot mask, so make sure you are alone at home you’re not going to scare your boyfriend.
“So this is 10 minutes you walk around the house, you feel as comfortable as you can.
“I love myself when I look weird.”
Isabeli also applies the residue of the mask on her neck and décolletage before she takes it off.
She said: “Then just put it all over your body because it’s so hydrating. Don’t forget the neck, the neck is super important, you don’t have wrinkles in your neck.
“Peel off the mask. Of course I don’t do this every single day but once a week is perfect.”
Isabeli completes the DIY pampering session by applying more moisturiser on her nose to mouth lines, and under her eyes again because her face is susceptible to feeling dry in those areas.
She said: “Whenever I feel very dry from all this crazy make-up that I wear on and off on and off, my eyes get so dry.
“I always feel dry here [between her nose and mouth], under my eyes.
“Perfect ready to sleep.”

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