Gigi Hadid not interested in making friends

ICONINSIDER — Gigi Hadid isn’t interested in making new friends.
The 22-year-old model – who is in a relationship with Zayn Malik – can count on the likes of fellow model Kendall Jenner and musician Taylor Swift as her close friends, but has insisted she isn’t on the lookout for anyone else to join her inner circle as she already struggles to “give attention” to everyone she cares about.
Speaking about how fame affects her friendships, Gigi – who is the older sister of fellow model Bella Hadid – said: “A lot of interesting things in friends come out [when you’re famous]. So, in a way it’s good because you learn that it’s better to have a few really good friends than tons of friends you aren’t really sure about.
“There are people who understand that I love them and who know that when I get back to town I’m going to call them, but sometimes I can’t call every day because I’m in weird places. I’ve lost a lot of friends because I’ll get busy for a short period of time, and they’re not reaching out, but if I don’t reach out, then it’s like I’ve changed.
“The time I do have off, it’s not even enough to give everyone I love attention. I’m good with [the friends] I’ve got.”
And the blonde beauty says it’s “really nice” to have a sibling who understands her field of work, because she knows she can rely on her 20-year-old sister for advice.
Speaking about Bella to the June/July issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Gigi said: “She’s so understanding of the demands of this job, and it’s really great that I can talk to her about it. Because a lot of the time I feel suffocated by my own work ethic and by the expectations I put on myself. It’s really nice when you have people who say, ‘It’s OK to take time for yourself.'”

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