Gabrielle Union has a ‘great eye’ for style

ICONINSIDER — Gabrielle Union has a “great eye” for style, according to celebrity stylist Larry Sims.
The 44-year-old actress has been praised for being a “consummate researcher” who ensures she keeps up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends, and she has been credited for her sense of style and knowing what items “work”.
Speaking about the brunette beauty, the expert told PEOPLE: “She’s a consummate researcher, too. She has a great eye, and knows what works and what doesn’t. If you look at our body over of work over the years, we’ve done just about everything under the sun, and I think we’ve hit a lot of home runs!”
Although the ‘Sleepless’ star plays a part in what garments she wears, she also relies heavily on her stylist to keep his “ears to the ground” in the hope of hearing about the next fashion craze ahead of other celebrities.
He explained: “She depends on me to keep my ears to the ground. We always joke, ‘We’re only as good as our last red carpet.’ So I do a lot of research, and I look for a lot of inspiration in different cultures and countries.”
And Larry has revealed their partnership arose after the pair worked with one another 17 years ago on the 2000 hit movie ‘Bring It On’.
He said: “We met each other when I was dancing through the movie Bring it On. She let me do her hair, and after she was like, “I like what you’re doing, let’s give this a shot.”
Although Larry has admitted he has hit “a lot of home runs” with Gabrielle’s style, he has admitted his ultimate favourite look of the star’s is her recent bob haircut.
He said: “Well, I think the recent bob is really great. But she and I have also done the Met Gala a couple of times, and I love the braid that she wore when she went. I think it was a great moment because it was one of the first times people had seen her hair off her face in that way. It was bohemian, but fresh.”

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