Ed Westwick doesn’t like to moan about fame

ICONINSIDER — Ed Westwick doesn’t like to “moan” about being famous.
The ‘Gossip Girl’ star – who is known best for playing Chuck Bass in the teen drama – doesn’t think anyone has the right to lament about being famous as it allows him to “live a very nice life” which he is very “happy about”.
He said: “It’s all my decisions that have led to where I am so it’s all good. I’m not in any way moaning about that. Some people who are quote unquote famous and have some sort of attention can moan sometimes, but I don’t think anyone should moan about it. I live a very nice life and I’m happy about that …
“No one’s trying to kill me, they just want a photo … I look at someone like Cillian Murphy and think that he’s the f***ing man – incredibly private. But then that said, I’m hardly private … I’m f***ing on Instagram.”
And the 29-year-old actor doesn’t have a “clear plan” for the future because life always “takes twists and turns”.
He added to the Evening Standard newspaper: “I don’t really have a clear plan. I think I just look at each moment as it is and if it feels like the right step then you just jump into it.
“I’ve never been one for planning too far off into the distance because you just don’t know what’s going to happen. Life takes twists and turns and that can lead to disappointment.”
Meanwhile, Ed isn’t worried about how people perceive his new show ‘White Gold’ as he knows it is “outside his control”.
He explained recently: “There’s no point. I had something last year for NBC and everyone was loving it, it was the best pilot script ever, everyone promoted the s**t out of it, and it tanked, it absolutely died.
“That was my first experience of that. I felt let down, it hadn’t been executed in the way I thought it was going to be, and I was the face to it and it died. But very quickly, I had an initial conversation with my agent, who told me, ‘it’s not your fault,’ so I don’t think about things outside my control any more.
“I would have felt more pressure now if that hadn’t happened. I know with this, the material’s good, we had a f***ing laugh doing it, I enjoyed it when I watched it, and everyone else who’s watched it likes it, so fingers crossed.”

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