Drew Barrymore’s fishy life advice

ICONINSIDER — Drew Barrymore takes life advice from animated fish Dory.
The 41-year-old actress – who has daughters Olive, four, and Frankie, two, with ex-husband Will Kopelman – has learned not to let setbacks in her professional and personal life get her down too much and thinks the lead character from ‘Finding Dory’ has a great motto for everyone to follow.
She said: “It’s unrealistic to think everything you do is going to be successful.
“There’s no life ever been recorded where everything went on an incline, so you need to be OK with the ups and downs of professional life and believe everything is either something to learn from, or will lead to something you can’t foresee.
“Dory says, ‘Just keep swimming’. You will stumble several times throughout your life and the questions you have to ask are, ‘Did I take anyone down with me? No. Good. Move forward.’ And, ‘Did I choose the right people to help pick me up? Yes. Good. Keep going.’ ”
The ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ star – who was emancipated from her parents at the age of 14 – may be more “conservative” now she’s a mother, but she still likes to see the “silliness” of young people and wants her children to stay young for as long as possible.
She told Britain’s Glamour magazine: “I’ve become, ironically, much more conservative as an adult and a mother, but I still celebrate expression and silliness.
“I like that it takes a long time to become a grown-up. Being young is a beautiful thing – full of learning curves and lessons and silliness, and stupidity in some ways, but awesome, learned journeys.
“I want my girls to be girls for as long as they can be and not grow up too fast.”

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