Denise Gough is desperate to star in a comedy film

ICONINSIDER — Denise Gough is desperate to star in a comedy film.
The 38-year-old actress has admitted she is keen to star in a more light-hearted movie because she claims she is “very good” at comedy, but is restricted as “nobody” casts her for that genre, although ’12 Years a Slave’ screenwriter John Ridley is keen to write and cast the blonde beauty in a romantic comedy.
Speaking about her career, the ‘Guerrilla’ star said: “John Ridley said ‘I have to write you a romantic comedy because everything I’ve seen you in is so heavy’. I’m very good at comedy but nobody lets me do it. But at the moment I want everything I do to have a message, otherwise what’s the f**king point?
“I don’t just want to go out on stage and fall in love with someone.”
The Irish star has hinted she struggled to transition from a “struggling actress” to becoming a more recognised star.
She explained: “I remember saying to someone who has always been very helpful to me, ‘Who I am I if I get everything I want?’ I’ve been a struggling actress for years, you become identified with it. And then you’re not any more, it takes a bit of transitioning. If this had happened and I hadn’t done any work on myself, I might have been pretty messed up It’s an unnatural life. The hunger becomes about the right jobs, making the right statements with my work.”
While Gough is set for a busy year ahead, she has admitted she is contemplating taking “a few months” off if she is “financially able”.
She told Stylist magazine: “This year is packed, which is amazing, but I can see myself taking a few months to do nothing if I was financially able. Maybe that time is coming.”

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