Corrie’s Bethany Platt to stab Gary Windass

ICONINSIDER — ‘Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt is set to stab Gary Windass.
The troubled teenager – portrayed by Lucy Fallon – has found herself sliding down a slippery slope in recent weeks after she found herself caught up in a distressing grooming plot – something she’s not aware of – but things are set to get even worse for the blonde student after she lashes out at her mother’s boyfriend (Mikey North) when he tries to stop her from returning to her manipulative boyfriend Nathan.
Tina O’Brien – who plays Bethany’s mother Sarah Platt – told the Radio Times magazine: “Sarah and Gary manage to get her home and she wakes up on the sofa and panics when she realises where she is and that she doesn’t have her phone. She tries to make a run for it but Gary blocks her way, she starts throwing things and stabs Gary in the arm. It’s terrifying and upsetting for Sarah to see her daughter in this state and Sarah does start to wonder if Bethany is, in fact, scared of Nathan.”
The current storyline has seen Bethany’s older boyfriend Nathan (Chris Harper) sell the innocent teen to his seedy friends for cash and it’s set to get worse over time.
The plot has received some backlash from viewers who believe the footage is too graphic for the time of night the show is aired but Tina thinks Lucy is doing a fanastic job considering it’s her first major storyline since she joined the soap in 2015.
She explained: “She’s doing brilliantly – it’s a big issue to take on and she’s had some tough scenes to record. But she has done an amazing job.
“Growing up on ‘Corrie’, I had some tough storylines to work on and it is important to have people around you supporting you and helping you every step of the way. And I know Lucy feels protected in the same way that I did.”

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