Cindy Crawford advises Kaia Gerber ‘not to touch’ her eyebrows

ICONINSIDER — Cindy Crawford told daughter Kaia Gerber “not to touch” her eyebrows.
The 15-year-old model has revealed she regularly receives advice from her 51-year-old supermodel mother, who warned her off plucking her facial feature when she was younger because she never touched hers when she was growing up and she has “really good brows”.
Speaking to PEOPLE about the tips she has received from the catwalk icon, the brunette beauty – who is the face of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy fragrance – said: “She told me not to touch my brows. There was a time when I really wanted to do stuff to them, but she doesn’t touch hers and she still has really good brows, so I just learned from her not to touch them and I’m glad I didn’t.”
And the fashion muse has also picked up skincare habits from her parent and has admitted she “never” sleeps with a face full of cosmetic products on, and she carries out a thorough cleanse every evening.
She explained: “I could never sleep in make-up – that’s my big thing. I wash my face and moisturize it every night. I also use masks.”
Cindy – who also has 17-year-old son Presley with her husband Rande Gerber – has been told to be punctual and be “nice” to everyone she meets in the industry.
She said: “She teaches me things that could translate to any line of work, but it’s mainly just being on time; she’s always on time no matter what.
“She also taught me it’s important to be nice to everyone, to learn everyone’s names [on set] no matter if it’s the photographer or the assistant.”
Kaia has claimed regardless of her celebrity status she has realised she can still be a “normal person”.
She said: “[Being famous] has taught me that you can still be a normal person. When I come back home after shooting, I’m just a regular 15-year-old girl. I think just not letting it get to you.”

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