Chris Pratt: ‘Rambo made me who I am today’

ICONINSIDER — Chris Pratt has credited ‘Rambo’ for making him “who I am today”.
The 37-year-old actor has revealed Sylvester Stallone, who portrayed as the lead role as John Rambo in the movie franchise, was his biggest influence growing up, and the the 1980 movies he featured in encouraged him to embark on a career in the acting industry.
Speaking about his career and his 70-year-old idol on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ on Wednesday (03.05.17), the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star – who plays the role of Peter Quill and his alter-ego Star-Lord in the Marvel Comics production – said: “That was my childhood growing up, and coincidentally the childhood of Peter Quill. His whole ideology is based on his pop icons from that 80s era. And Syl Stallone and Kurt Russell has such an influence on my childhood.
“Stallone from ‘Tango & Cash’ and of course ‘Rocky’ but ‘Rambo’. ‘Rambo’, for me, that made me who I am today. He is so good.”
And the dark-haired hunk – who has four-year-old son Jack with his wife Anna Faris – has revealed he even had his own survival knife because he felt so inspired by the Vietnam war veteran, who now joins him for a cameo appearance in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’.
He explained: “I had a survival knife. You unscrewed the top so you could navigate your way to safety, some waterproof matches, a little fishhook and some line just in case you are going to get stuck in the woods for a long time, you are going to catch some dinner. And a sewing kit should you fall off a cliff and cut your arm, the way he did in ‘First Blood’, you can sew that together, and that won’t get infected.”

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