Chanelle Hayes’ bad morning sickness

ICONINSIDER — Chanelle Hayes was admitted to hospital recently with extreme morning sickness.
The 29-year-old television personality – who already has six-year-old son Blakely with her ex Matthew Bates – was forced to spend a few days under the watchful eye of doctors so that she could be treated with the same anti-sickness drug they give cancer patients going through chemotherapy because she was vomiting so much.
Speaking on ‘Loose Women’ on Friday (05.05.17), she said: “I was really really sick. I was sick all day and all night. I was in hospital on a drip. I’ve been really really poorly. I’ve been on drugs for chemotherapy patients.
“I’ve lost loads of weight. I’ve lost a lot of weight but baby has everything it needs. I lost about two stone. You can’t really tell because i’ve got this big belly.”
The blonde beauty is currently 23 weeks pregnant with her second child but has admitted her baby news came as a huge surprise because the doctors had previously warned her that she may struggling to conceive because of her weight.
She explained: “I didn’t have a period since may last year. It didn’t even cross my mind that I was pregnant. I have polycystic ovary syndrome anyway so I’ve always known about that. I didn’t think I was infertile but I was made aware that when I was putting all this weight on that unless my weight is manage, the chances get smaller and smaller to conceive. I wasn’t very happy about that.”
Chanelle found out she was pregnant when doctors carried out routine blood tests to find out why she wasn’t having a period but her boyfriend Ryan Oates didn’t believe her when she told him they were having a baby – their first child – together.
She said: “Ryan didn’t believe me. He thought I was lying. I’d literally just opened a speeding ticket and the doctors were like you need to come in. My heart dropped.”

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