Caitlyn Jenner: ‘I’d be shocked if any of my children were transgender’

ICONINSIDER — Caitlyn Jenner would be shocked if any of her children came out as transgender.
The 67-year-old reality TV star – who was previously known as Bruce Jenner – revealed in 2015 that she identifies as a woman but admitted she would not have known how to handle it if one of her children were trans.
Speaking to, she said: “When you do go through something like I’ve gone through in transitioning, and I have a large family, it’s not easy. It’s everybody in the family. It’s a process. I remember one time somebody came up and they said, ‘Oh my god, what if – okay, what if Kendall,’ my darling little girl, ‘came up and said that ‘I’m trans and I’m going to transition into a guy.’ My first reaction is ‘Oh my god.’ My little Kendall, my cute and adorable little girl? The initial shock of it was tough, but that’s what parents go through and I understand that. So it’s tough on everybody.”
However, Caitlyn urged families to support their loved ones who identify as transgender.
She said: “The thing is, from a parent’s standpoint, especially if a child is identifying as trans at a very young age, just love your child. Love them, adore them, give them a great place to grow up that’s free and they can be themselves, and the kids will figure it out.”
Caitlyn also revealed she is seriously considering entering politics but is taking some time to consider it.
She said: “People have asked me, ‘Oh my gosh, you should do the political side of it,’ and I’m going, ‘Wait a second, I don’t know.’ I’m taking the next year and kind of looking into it and trying to figure out where, because I’m fighting for my community. I want to make it better for the next generation. Is it better to be on the outside of the political arena where I can kind of work both sides and talk to people? Can I get more accomplished that way? Or is it better from the inside? I don’t know. That’s something over the next year I’m going to take a serious look at and any place that I can do a good job and get the most accomplished, that’s what I’ll wind up doing.”

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