Zara Larsson says it's hard for women to do anything right

ICONINSIDER — Zara Larsson said it’s hard to do something right because she is a woman.
The 19-year-old Swedish singer feels frustrated that everything she does is deemed to be “wrong”, whether she chooses to follow a trend or not, and would rather females all just unite together.
She said: “As a woman it is very hard to do right. Whatever you do, it is always wrong, if you’re super sexy, it’s wrong.
“If you’re not, it’s wrong. If you wear that hairstyle that’s wrong and if you do that it’s wrong.
“I don’t have the energy or the time to argue with females about, for example, being feminists.
“Maybe one day we will all understand that we just have one world and we are all humans and should stop killing each other.
“Women have been oppressed for such a long time and I think a lot of people are very afraid that we might reclaim power or the other oppressed groups will get power.”
The singer also said how she doesn’t understand how anyone can be opposed to the Black Lives Matter movement.
She told the Box Plus Network: “It is very strange to me that people are against a movement which is asking people to stop killing them.”
Zara recently attended the Women’s March in Los Angeles and described the event as “very empowering”.
She said: “I thought it was incredible to be at the women’s march in LA. It was very empowering.
“You know, these are times that you might feel a bit worried, maybe, like what’s going on in the word.
“It is great to see how many people, from so many different places, different genders, just coming together for this cause and it’s just basically about human rights.
“It gave me a lot of hope that people are out here and they are ready to fight.”
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