Salma Hayek's dog dies

ICONINSIDER — Salma Hayek’s dog has died.
The ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ star took to social media to pay tribute to her beloved pooch Blue, who has passed away.
She wrote on Instagram: “My blue’s body died yesterday. I understand he is in a better place but my eyes cry anyway. #blue (sic)”
Fans flooded social media to off their condolences to the 50-year-old actress and her family.
One wrote: “So sorry for your loss Salma, my deepest heartfelt sympathies! (sic)”
Whilst another added: “My dog passed on new years day. I am sorry for your loss.. It is hard to loose the constant friend that will do anything for you. (sic)”
Meanwhile, Salma – who has Valentina, nine, with her husband François-Henri Pinault – has gone a long way to look after her beloved pet pooches and once faked an affair to care for a dog.
She said: “I had promised my husband I was going to stop, because at the time I had 10 dogs, five parrots, I had alpacas, horses, cats – and by the way, one without a tail, the other one without a leg. And they always find me, they come to me, these animals – which he doesn’t believe me, but they do – and I promised him, no more.
“We were up to 30 animals. I swore no more. And I was [filming in Bulgaria], and a little puppy who was abandoned and was going to die … he came to me, and I couldn’t help it, I picked him up. So I came up with this brilliant idea to pretend that I was having an affair. And at the end I would say, ‘No, it’s not an affair. I picked up a dog.’ And then he would feel better.”

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