Richard E. Grant reveals his Girls frustration

ICONINSIDER — Richard E. Grant is “a bit upset” not to appear in the final season of ‘Girls’.
The 59-year-old actor admits playing troublesome addict Jasper in the hit US TV series was a dream come true and he only wishes creator Lena Dunham had asked him to stay longer.
He said: “I’d been working on a film with a guy whose wife was the producer of ‘Girls’. He came up to me and said, ‘Have you ever heard of Lena Dunham?’ And I replied, ‘Er, yes.’ I’d seen every episode of ‘Girls’.
“Lena then contacted me and said she’d written me the part of a drug addict in one episode and of course I said I’d do it.
“I ended up coming back for four episodes. I haven’t been asked back for the final series though, so I’m a bit upset about that.”
Richard got the role after playing the Spice Girls’ manager in their 1998 movie ‘Spice World’, but that’s not the only door that opened for him as a result of the film.
He told Closer magazine: “I was amazed someone of Lena’s age had even heard of me, but she said she loved me from ‘Spice World’.
“I was derided for doing that film, but I got a gig in ‘Girls’ and also front row tickets from Adele because she was a ‘Spice World’ maniac.”
Though the actor has fond memories of ‘Spice World’, he won’t choose a favourite member of the group.
He said: “I loved all of them and I can’t pick a favourite because if I did, I ‘d be kicked by one of them.”
And despite his success, the ‘Withnail & I’ star doesn’t consider himself “wildly famous”.
He said: “I’m aware if someone is walking down the street and they recognise me – but I’ve never had wild fame.
“I’m proud of where I’ve got to though. From the moment I said I wanted to be an actor, people told me I had no chance.
“But if you follow your passions and just keep going, you can make it.”

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