Professor Green's 5-hour hernia op

ICONINSIDER — Professor Green underwent a five-hour operation on Tuesday (18.04.17) to repair three abdominal hernias.
The ‘Read All About It’ hitmaker has been battling with extreme pain for months after part of his organs within his stomach pushed burst through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall and left him doubled over but the end looks to be in sight after he underwent surgery yesterday to push the bulges back.
Taking to his Instagram account after the operation, the 33-year-old rapper uploaded a photograph of him in his hospital bed looking a little worse for wear with a breathing tube up his nose.
He accompanied it with the caption: “5 1/2 hours later… I’m back bitches (sic)”
After a good night’s sleep, Pro Green – whose full name is Stephen Manderson – uploaded another picture from his ward and moaned about his early-morning battle with hiccups and his huge “14cm-long scar.”
He said alongside the photo: “The face you make when you’ve had three hernia’s fixed, a 14cm scar revised and you wake up to hiccups. F***ing hiccups. (sic)”
But the hunk couldn’t resist giving fans a more gruesome view at his procedure as he later uploaded a shot of the inside of his stomach in which his hernia had been pushed back up and secured with a piece of mesh.
He said: “Incase you wondered what an upper abdominal, incisional hernia looked like from the inside when it’s been fixed with a large sheet of mesh. (sic)”
Pro Green previously said he thought his hernia was caused by his battle with anxiety – something his late father suffered with – which manifest physically in the stomach area of his body, a physical weak spot for him due to a childhood operation.
He said at the time: “I have a lot of anxieties. People always use the word hard but there’s a real difference between being hard and being strong and I’ve been strong but hard isn’t me, I’m quite a gentle person.
“When I was a kid, I was always like, ‘Nan, I’ve got a stomach ache,’ and she would sympathise and let me take time off school. My only problem at school was attendance; I was a very bright kid. And we would go to the doctor and I had all sorts of tests but we never uncovered any kind of physical element and that was because with timing and age and understanding I learned it was actually just anxiety but as a four or five year old you don’t go, ‘Nan, I’m really anxious, just about the world.’
“I did have a big operation when I was six weeks old so I do think I carry a lot of tension in that area because of that as well. I’ve actually got a massive hernia – whoop de do.”

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