Peter Andre hails Princess as a 'natural' with her baby son

ICONINSIDER — Peter Andre’s daughter Princess is a “natural” with his baby son Theo.
The ‘Mysterious Girl’ hitmaker – whose wife Emily MacDonagh gave birth to their son in November – has revealed Princess, nine, is already an expert when it comes to feeding baby Theo.
He shared: “She is an absolute star when it comes to helping out with Theo. She’s a natural and often asks us if she can feed him.”
And Peter – who has Princess and Junior, 12, with ex-wife Katie Prince, as well as daughter Amelia, three, with Emily – has insisted he doesn’t really worry about his son growing up to be a typically moody teenager.
He wrote in new! magazine: “I know I’m biased but he is such a thoughtful, kind and polite boy. I just hope he continues with that attitude as he grows up.”
Peter also revealed he is consciously trying to be a friend, as well as a parent, to his children.
The 44-year-old star said his approach to parenting encourages his children to be more open and honest with him.
Peter explained: “Being both a parent and and a friend makes you children feel happy and also allows them to be able to talk to you about anything.”
Earlier this month, Peter admitted that he and Emily have become like “ships in the night” since the birth of their son.
The singer said that Theo’s erratic sleeping pattern has meant that he and Emily have barely spent any quality time together over the last few months.
He shared: “It doesn’t cause bickering, what it does is it causes us to be like ships in the night.
“We just walk past each other like zombies sometimes.”
Peter previously admitted Theo’s sleep troubles had come as a shock to his system, as Amelia was always such a good sleeper.
But, he revealed: “Little Theo has had me up early every morning.”

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