Nicole Richie wants kids to have full-blown childhood

ICONINSIDER — Nicole Richie wants her children to have a “full-blown childhood”.
The ‘Simple Life’ star – who has Harlow, nine, and Sparrow, seven, with her husband Joel Madden – is keen to ensure her kids get as normal a childhood as possible despite her and her spouse being in the spotlight.
She said: “Well, for Joel and me, it’s very important. And it’s just been this way since day one. It’s extremely important to us for our kids to be kids, to have a full-blown childhood. And that is the life we’ve created for [them].
“Not that there’s anything wrong with taking your kids here and there, and sometimes we do and that’s really fun, but family and togetherness and just developing a strong closeness and trust with our kids right now, especially at this age, is the most important thing to us. So, that is where we spend most of our time.”
And Nicole particularly wants to have some time with her eldest daughter before she becomes a teenager.
She added: “We are a few years away from my daughter being a teenager. Now is the time for me to really have some one-on-one time with her, for me to hang out with her friends, to do things that she’s interested in.
“And what we both do is just try and pour our interest into what the kids are interested in. We ask them what they want to do. And if it’s going to a movie, we just try to keep it enjoyable. And by the way, I like to do that. I like to go to the mall – it’s fun … going to Dippin’ Dots!”
And the blonde beauty credits her own parents for giving her a normal life too despite their fame.
She told Refinery29: “I know, exactly. But I guess I always kind of give credit to my parents, because there was definitely the temptation, as you and I both know. We knew a lot of people who had absolutely no supervision.
“When you think about being a parent in L.A. and you and your husband being a bit known, what’s the thing that you do to make sure you guys and your kids don’t get swept up in it? Besides not going out, how do you battle the kind of ever-insatiable, hungry monster of Hollywood?”

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