New Emmerdale male rumoured to ruin Robron’s relationship

ICONINSIDER — Emmerdale’s Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle’s relationship is set to hit the rocks – again.
The couple – portrayed by Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller respectively – finally looked set to get their happy ever after until the blonde businessman managed to get his former flame Rebecca White (Emily Head) pregnant behind her innocent partner’s back but it seems they’re about to be struck yet another blow as a new male character is expected to arrive in the dales at the end of the summer who will attempt to worm his way in between the married pair.
Soap boss Iain MacLeod told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “There’s a big story that will be rooted in the Dingle family that will require a sexy young thing to appear but I can’t say too much more.
“It’s a new brooking male lead.”
Although the new character is rumoured to come into between the two men, Iain is convinced the couple – who are known as ‘Robron’ – are destined to be together.
He said: “I’m anxious as everyone else to see Robert and Aaron have a happy ending but the best soap couples are the ones with inbuilt conflict and the ones who make mistakes, make up and break up and hurt each other. But in two, three, five years’ time will Robert and Aaron be together? Yes is the answer to that.”
The hunky newcomer is yet to be cast but there was rumours the soap is looking for a heavily tattooed male to join the cast.
Iain said previously: “[We’re looking for] some sort of heavily tattooed, body pierced, alternative person. Just because our characters are all, in their own way, ordinary, I don’t imagine any of them have any intimate piercings or secret tattoos. I just want someone covered head to toe in tattoos who will terrify the older characters but turn out to have a heart of gold.”

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