N-Dubz reunion won’t happen in 2017

ICONINSIDER — Fazer has ruled out an N-Dubz reunion in 2017.
The 30-year-old rapper – who was joined by bandmates Tulisa and Dappy in the British hip-hop group – previously teased fans that are comeback was coming “soonish”, however he has now backtracked on his comments and said they are too focused on solo work to reunite this year.
The ‘Papa Can You Hear Me?’ hitmaker insists there is “no bad vibes” between the band mates despite tales of them falling out.
He said: “It won’t be this year. This year is all about solo stuff.
“N-Dubz is always going to be the base.
“We never broke up because of bad vibes, we just wanted to live our normal lives for a bit.”
Although it won’t be this year, Fazer says they always planned to reform one day and insisted it was just a matter of their busy schedules aligning.
He told the Daily Star Online: “I would never shun an N-Dubz reunion because we only said we were taking a break for a few years and then we were going to bring it back.”
However, fans of Fazer, Tulisa and Dappy’s solo work are in for a treat as they are all busy working on stuff and will no doubt be dropping new material soon.
Fazer – who recently dropped new single ‘I Woke Up’ – added: “Maybe we can start looking about getting in the studio and hopefully recording something next year … we will see how it goes. We all have solo commitments that we are doing right now so it is all about timing.”
Speaking about their plans to reform as a trio again, Fazer recently said: “100 per cent”.
The group decided to take some time apart because they had been together for over 10 years and they all felt it was time they enjoyed “some holidays” and spare time alone with their close friends and family.
Speaking about the reason behind their break, Fazer explained: “We’d been in the group since 11 and 12 years old, before we got our first break at like 21 years old, so for ten years of our life every single day.
“I was 26 at the time, we just thought it’s time to go on some holidays, spend time with friends and family and then we’ll bring it back.”
N-Dubz last record was 2010’s ‘Love.Live.Life’.

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