Lena Dunham recalls her year of 'deplorable behaviour'

ICONINSIDER — Lena Dunham spent a year of her life behaving “deplorably”.
The ‘Girls’ creator has admitted that in the 12 months after graduating, she became verbally abusive towards her parents, broke the law and had sex with “the very wrongest people”.
Lena shared: “I spent a year after graduating [where] I really lost sight of the part of myself that felt connected to making things … I felt really far away from myself. And I remember working at the children’s clothing store and I became more … I behaved deplorably.
“I lived with my parents, I misused their cookware and ruined my mum’s La Creuset pot then threw it in the garbage on the corner, I drove my dad’s car without a license, I was verbally abusive when I was caught doing it, I had sex with the very wrongest people – I was just on this tear, and I was like, ‘How far can this go?’ And then at the end of August my back went out – because that’s who I am.”
Meanwhile, Lena has also addressed the recent controversy that surrounded her remarks about abortion on her ‘Women of the Hour’ podcast.
On the show, she joked: “I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.”
Lena – who subsequently apologised for her comments – admitted that to be “misunderstood” by “pro-choice feminists” felt like “hell”.
The 30-year-old star said, according to the Guardian newspaper: “I’m not even going to say I was taken out of context – I made a joke and people had a really negative reaction to it.
“As someone who has devoted a lot of their adult life to reproductive choice, justice and freedom, to be misunderstood by other pro-choice feminists was like hell to me. That was when I started thinking I really need to be more strategic [about what I say].”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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