Kendra Wilkinson wishes Hugh Hefner a happy birthday

ICONINSIDER — Kendra Wilkinson has paid a touching tribute to Hugh Hefner for his birthday.
The Playboy magazine founder celebrated his 91st birthday on Sunday (09.04.17), and Kendra – who spent three years living in the famous Playboy mansion alongside the magazine publisher – has taken to Instagram to share a sweet snap of the two of them to ring in his special day.
She wrote alongside the image: “Happy birthday Hef!! Thank you for EVERYTHING. People might not understand you but that’s because they’ve never had the chance to know you like I do. I’ll celebrate you forever!!! (sic)”
It’s not the first time the 31-year-old television personality – who has Hank Baskett IV, seven, and Alijah Mary, two, with her husband Hank Baskett has praised Hugh either, as she previously claimed he was like a “mentor” to her during her stay in the mansion.
She said: “[He was a] mentor. It all came together. It was like my destiny to go to the Playboy Mansion …
“I saw him a couple of months ago and actually, it impressed me. [He looked] very healthy.”
Meanwhile, Kendra insisted she will always be Hugh’s “soldier”.
She said: “Hef did nothing wrong but I made the choice to sleep with an 80-year-old man for some money. He did everything right for me. I’m going to be his soldier out here. I ended up loving him at the end of the day. I love him to death and I appreciate everything he’s done for me. He’s done zero harm in my eyes to anyone I’ve ever seen.”
And the blonde beauty recently confessed she heavily relies on Hugh’s advice.
She admitted: “If there’s going to be a person I listen to in this madness, it’s going to be Hef. Hef knows how to live this life honest, pure, truthful, happy, and I was really interested in what Hef had to say about all this.
“When he said, ‘Oh, you know, we’re humans, we all make mistakes, we all f**k up’ – Hef saying that to me? It was like an epiphany just hit me. Hef saying, ‘Hank could have been set up’, I’m like, ‘God,’ you know? These words coming from Hef were so much more powerful than anyone else could have ever said.”

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