Kelly Rohrbach took months to make her bum look good in Baywatch

ICONINSIDER — Kelly Rohrbach had numerous fittings to ensure her bum looked “good” in her ‘Baywatch’ swimsuit.
The 27-year-old beauty stars alongside the likes of Zac Efron, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Priyanka Chopra in the new movie, but Kelly has admitted it took her months before she was truly “happy” with her on-screen appearance in the iconic bathing suit.
She shared: “You won’t believe how many fittings it took to get the swimsuit right.
“It was re-tailored like 10 times to make my legs looks as long as they can and my bum look as good as possible, but I am really happy with the end result.”
And after so many fittings, Kelly felt like Superman on the set of the ‘Baywatch’ film.
She said, according to the Daily Star newspaper: “The red ‘Baywatch’ swimsuit is iconic. When I had my first fitting I guess it felt a bit like Superman putting on his cape for the first time.”
However, Kelly – like her on-screen co-stars – had to work incredibly hard in the gym to get herself toned for the movie.
She explained: “Everybody worked out hard to get their beach bodies – the guys and the girls.
“I love to eat, so I worked out really hard. I was running at least five times a week, plus I was doing a lot of weights and boxing classes.
“The great thing was that because I was doing such high-intensity workouts I got to eat steak every night during filming!”
Kelly is now excited for fans to see the film, revealing it features more “adult” humour than the iconic TV series.
She said: “I am really excited for fans to see the movie.
“We have all the fun of the original TV series, but we have also been allowed to include a lot of adult jokes!”

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