Kelly Osbourne: Lyme disease almost killed me

ICONINSIDER — Kelly Osbourne was “almost killed” by Lyme disease.
The 32-year-old star has detailed her battle with the debilitating disease in her new memoir ‘There Is No F***ing Secret’ and is focused on raising awareness of it to help others who are suffering.
She shared: “What annoys me is that this is a real, real disease. It almost killed me. And it’s incredible, and you know this better than anyone, how someone can take one sentence and make it seem so negative.
“Nothing about it is negative because I will do anything to raise awareness for it because I almost died from it. It is a debilitating disease that most of the time goes misdiagnosed.”
And Kelly recalled when she first realised it could be Lyme disease she was suffering from.
She added: “I had started entering my symptoms into online quizzes, and the results kept coming back Lyme disease.
“For the first time someone listened to me, and I got tested. The results were positive: I had stage III neurological Lyme disease. I was relieved to finally know what was going on, but I was also scared s***less.”
It comes after Kelly revealed she had concealed her battle with the disease because she was concerned she’d be jumping on the bandwagon of the “trendy” condition and even claimed there are people in the public eye who falsely claim to have the illness.
She shared: “I’ve kept quiet about my Lyme disease, not only for fear of pharmaceutical companies coming after me because of the cure I found in Germany but also because it seems like the trendy disease to have right now, and I’m tired of seeing sad celebrities play the victim on the cover of weekly mags.
“Since I know firsthand how awfully debilitating it is, I know who really has it and who is just trying to prolong their 15 minutes. I don’t understand how anyone could think that the life you have to live with Lyme disease is glamorous.”

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