Jourdan Dunn sought out negativity

ICONINSIDER — Jourdan Dunn used to be “obsessed” with finding negative comments about herself online.
The 26-year-old model admitted she used to struggle with her career because she was so insecure but has now learned to love herself.
She said: “I used to be obsessed with searching for negative stuff about myself on Twitter.
“It was hard for me to be a model because I had such insecurities.
“When you don’t love yourself, it’s difficult and I had a lot of body issues.
“I now know loving yourself is the most important thing.”
But Jourdan still feels nervous ahead of a big event or show.
She said: “I get attacks about getting ready. The pictures go everywhere and people find any little reason to pick at you. It’s a lot to deal with.”
The British beauty persevered with her career because she is proud to be a role model for young black girls.
She told Britain’s Grazia magazine: “I had all these girls telling me, ‘Jourdan, I’m so proud of you, you’re my inspiration’. I felt I had a responsibility to carry on for those girls.
“I wanted them to see me, a black girl, doing all of these shows so they’d think maybe they could do it too.”
However, she does think more could be done to promote diversity in the fashion industry.
She added: “It’s wrong that a black girl has to bring her own make-up because the make-up artists don’t know how to do our skin.
“You don’t see white girls carrying around their own foundation or worrying a make-up artist won’t get the look right.”

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