John Legend picks projects

ICONINSIDER — John Legend turns some projects down now he is a father.
The ‘Love Me Now’ hitmaker admits he has altered his schedule to fit in with his family life and has decided to pass on projects he might have taken before, now he is a dad to Luna, 12 months.
He said: “We also make some decisions about how to budget our time based on the fact that we’re parents now, and there are some things that I would’ve said yes to before that I say no to now. And there are some choices that I’ll make now that I wouldn’t have made before.”
And the 38-year-old singer is looking forward to bringing his daughter – who he shares with his wife Chrissy Teigen – on tour with him.
He added: “I’m excited that we’re in the position where we can bring [Luna] on tour this summer and late spring, so that’ll be fun. I’m in a position where we can make things happen to make sure she’s around us as much as possible. Diapers on the bus, a crib on the bus – a long way from my bachelor days.”
And there’s no doubt that John’s suitcase will be full of kids’ books when he hits the road as he revealed he asked his pals to give his daughter books.
He added to People magazine: “One of the things we said when people were trying to buy us gifts for the baby, we were like, ‘Just give us books, don’t do anything too expensive.’ She has everything she needs in life, but more books is always gonna be good. So she has lots of books, and we read all kinds of stories to her all the time.”

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