John Legend gets ‘too loving’ when he’s drunk

ICONINSIDER — John Legend likes to get amorous in the closet when he’s drunk.
The 38-year-old singer’s wife Chrissy Teigen thinks the ‘All of Me’ hitmaker gets “way too loving” when he’s intoxicated, but insists it is actually very “sweet”.
According to, Chrissy said at a ‘Cocktails with Chrissy’ event she hosted in New York City: “He’ll be like, ‘Let’s go in the closet!’
“I’m like, ‘We’re home! Why do we have to go into the closet?'”
The 31-year-old beauty – who has 12-month-old daughter Luna with her spouse – explained their bed and closet are very close together.
She added: “He just gets very, very touchy and he’s like a little baby – it’s really sweet.”
Meanwhile, the ‘Lip Sync Battle’ star doesn’t think there is anything that can cure a hangover apart from not drinking too much in the first place.
She said: “I think as long as you [drink] in moderation, that’s the only cure – because everything else is bulls**t.
“There’s no real trick, there’s no powder.”
John previously admitted he first told Chrissy he loved her after they had drunkenly had sex.
He recalled: “We were both drunk and had just had sex.
“You’re not supposed to say I love you after you have sex, and you’re not supposed to say it when you’re drunk – but we did it.”
However, Chrissy wasn’t convinced he had remembered the moment accurately.
She shouted: “I thought it was during.”
And Chrissy previously documented her own drunk behaviour after the Grammy awards in a series of Snapchat posts, in which she dined on ramen noodles and had to enlist her husband to help her take off her jewellery.
She later retweeted one fan who wrote: “John taking off Chrissy’s jewelry as she’s drunk on the floor on snap rn is the best thing ever (sic)”
She added: “Thank u I agree (sic)”
And she also shared another fan’s post which read: “John helping a drunk @chrissyteigen take off her jewellery is my new favourite thing. Goals (sic)”

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