Jo Wood slams EasyJet after being kicked off overbooked flight

ICONINSIDER — Jo Wood has lashed out at EasyJet after being kicked off an overbooked flight.
The former wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and her partner Paul Scarborough were booked to fly from Murcia in Spain to Gatwick in London earlier this week with the low-cost airline, when they discovered that EasyJet only had one seat for them both.
Jo explained during an appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’: “I arrived at Murcia Airport, checked in, had no luggage, went through security and had my boarding pass.
“Just before we were about to go onto the plane, they pulled us aside. because I was with my fella, and said ‘one of you can get on and one of you has to stay’.
“I said ‘hold on a minute this is ridiculous, I bought my ticket three weeks ago, why should we stay?’ We’ve bought our tickets. And they said they had overbooked.
“I reckon it’s because we had no luggage, we were easy to take off. I was furious because I had to get back for work the next day.
“They didn’t stand there and ask who would come off the flight! Nobody said that – they just took us aside.”
Jo, 62, and her 53-year-old partner ended up paying to fly home on a later flight on Ryanair instead.
Jo fumed: “They picked on the wrong woman, didn’t they? Picked on the wrong woman, they did. They must have thought, ‘She won’t complain, she looks very sweet, she hasn’t got any luggage so we don’t have to drag her luggage off the flight, that’s fine, we’ll pick on that girl, Jo.’ Little did they know.”
An EasyJet spokesman said: “We were sorry to hear of Miss Wood’s experience and would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.
“While there was one seat available, we understand that she wanted to fly with her travel companion. We have been in contact with Miss Wood directly to apologise.”
MailOnline reports that Jo will be given a full refund for the Ryanair flights, £167 for her EasyJet flights and £120 for a taxi to her home in London.

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