Jessie J works out to combat heart condition

ICONINSIDER — Jessie J works out to help combat her heart condition.
The ‘Domino’ hitmaker inherited Wolff-Parkinson-White disease, which causes shortness of breath and dizziness, from her father and so she exercises as a means of fighting the condition.
The 29-year-old star explained: “It doesn’t go away, sadly. It’s just something that I’ve had to deal with since I was a child and it pushed me to get stronger. It’s just part of who I am.”
Jessie, who underwent surgical treatment as a child, insisted she doesn’t worry about burning out during live shows as she has learned to monitor her body.
But, she told People: “I do have to make sure I stay healthy and look after myself.
“I kind of love that I have something that pushes me to be healthier.
“I credit that to my mum and dad. Because even when I was in hospital as a kid and I was having operations and I was let out hospital to go to school rehearsals for plays and I would go back in at night but they never let it define me or make me feel different.
“They always told me to use it as a strength and I know that I inspire anyone who has an illness or feels trapped.”
As part of her fitness regime, Jessie enjoys regular runs, bike rides and trips to the gym.
However, Jessie insisted she isn’t obsessive about her fitness or her appearance.
She reflected: “People say that you’re too skinny or you’re too fat. You’re never enough.
“I think it’s so fickle and silly. I’m comfortable in my own skin, so I try to inspire people who aren’t there yet to get there.
“I go out with nice boys who don’t break my heart cause it’s sore already.”

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