James Arthur hasn't read his book

ICONINSIDER — James Arthur hasn’t read his first autobiography.
The 29-year-old singer recently revealed plans he is set to release a self-help inspired autobiography, but has now admitted he hasn’t even read his first book, ‘James Arthur, My Story: The Official X Factor Winner’s Book’, which was released shortly after he triumphed on the UK talent competition in 2012.
When asked by The Sun newspaper about his first foray into publishing, James said: “I haven’t even read that. I wouldn’t want it in my Christmas stocking.”
The news comes after the ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ hitmaker revealed last month that he plans to write a tell-all autobiography that he hopes will act as a self-help book for others.
He said: “I want to help people to get to know my story, and really tell them in detail what I’ve been through. The album says a little bit about it but it doesn’t really tell the full extent.
“I want it to act as a self-help book. I want to talk to people about how I felt a little bit different from a young age and felt a little bit weird and a little bit like an outcast, and the journey that I’ve been on to get to this place.
“And what a beautiful thing it is when you don’t give up and then see the fruits of that. I kind of want it to be an inspiring story for people like me that feel a bit different.”
Previously, James opened up about his struggle with anxiety when recording his album ‘Back From The Edge’, which he says left him feeling “sick”.
Talking about making the songs on his second album, he admitted: “The most emotional songs on the album to write were probably not the one’s you expect.
“There’s a song on the latter part called ‘If Only’, that was one when I was pretty depressed.
“‘Finally’ was one I wrote and I was pretty depressed.
“Even picking up a guitar would make me feel sick, trigger off all that weird anxiety. ‘The Truth’ was a tough one to write, and ‘Trainwreck.'”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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