Harry Styles' bathroom worry

ICONINSIDER — Harry Styles is “a bit worried” about toilet breaks now he’s a solo artist.
The ‘Sign of the Times’ singer used to be able to step off stage to relieve himself mid-show when he was touring with One Direction, but now he’s going it alone, all eyes will be on him and he won’t be able to discretely disappear for a few minutes.
He said: “I mean, when 1D used to tour, there used to be times when I could pop off stage and go for a wee during the show if I needed to, because someone else was doing something – and I can’t do that anymore. I’m a bit worried about it.”
While Harry is now with Colombia records, he still values the opinion of his former Syco label boss, Simon Cowell.
He told radio station Key 103: “I did play [my single] for Simon actually. I will still be asking him to download it though.
“It was amazing to be able to work with him for so long and now it’s amazing to be able to go to him and ask what he thinks of my song and talk to him as a friend.”
As well as Simon, the 23-year-old hunk also values the opinions of fellow singers Adele and Ed Sheeran.
He said: “I love the way [Adele] does things. She’s classy and I think she very much leads by example in terms of doing things you believe in.
“I think Ed is one of the most talented dudes I’ve met. He’s definitely a special person.
“Obviously, as you can see from how the new album’s done, he’s an outrageous musician.”

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