Harry Styles almost burnt studios down

ICONINSIDER — Harry Styles reportedly nearly burnt down the ‘Saturday Night Live’ studios last week.
The One Direction singer was left fearing for his – and everyone else in the vicinity – life last Saturday when he accidently set his shirt on fire back stage in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza following his live performance of his single ‘Ever Since New York’.
A source told The Sun newspaper: “Harry nearly burned the place down. His manager asked if he could smell burning – he’d thrown his shirt onto a candle and the whole sleeve had set alight. He tried to stamp it out but then his sock caught on fire.”
The 23-year-old hunk reportedly started the small blaze by whipping off his shirt after his sweaty gig under the spotlights and accidentally threw the sleeve into candle.
He tried to stamp out the fire with his foot but, instead, caught his sock alight.
The insider explained: “Luckily, the whole team got involved and managed to stamp the flames out, but it was one step away from needing a fire extinguisher.”
This isn’t the first time Harry has almost gone up in flames as he nearly walked into a pyrotechnic on stage at a One Direction concert in Chicago four years ago.
The heartthrob avoided a catastrophic disaster by the skin of his teeth as his former bandmate Zayn Malik – who quit the group in 2015 just months before they announced they were taking an extended hiatus to go solo – pulled him back.
The ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ hitmakers have all released their own solo content since they went their separate ways and Harry will drop his debut album in May.

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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