Gwyneth Paltrow will open Goop's first beauty pop-up this month

ICONINSIDER — Gwyneth Paltrow is set to open Goop’s first beauty pop-up shop this month.
The 44-year-old actress founded her healthy lifestyle brand in 2008, which she has since expanded to include an age-defying skincare line, and the blonde-haired beauty will showcase her fragrance capsule at the temporary store, which will be open on Mott Street, New York, on Saturday (29.04.17).
According to WWD the ‘Shallow Hal’ star’s upcoming launch is in a bid to boost the company’s presence offline, and to draw more attention to the new scent Goop’s Edition 02 Shiso.
The pop-up will not only sell the latest cosmetic product in the collection, but also candle versions of the item, as well as the debut scent Edition 01 Winter, which first hit the e-store in the Autumn and reportedly sold out entirely within one week of its launch.
Speaking about the success of Goop’s perfume the head of beauty at Goop, Erin Cotter, said: “People were intrigued to buy it because it was a different approach…one, in the sense that it’s natural and we’re totally transparent about all of the ingredients … and [two], you combine that with our approach [which] is very artisanal. It’s an intersection of natural and artisanal.
“When we launch a new product, we don’t just put it on the site; it’s been preselected and curated so we know we love the product and we want to authentically write about it. When Jean Godfrey-June [ Goop’s beauty director] writes about a product our readers trust her and look to her, and as a result drives an incredible amount of sales.”
The pop-up store will enable the customers to get a greater sense of the ingredients included in the creations as hints of shiso leaf, patchouli, oakmoss and palo santo will be wafting in the air at the store, and Erin has likened the shop to a “Japanese, minimalist, florist”.
At the event visitors will also have the opportunity to visit a clairvoyant to have their palm read and their future predicted.

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