Gemma Arterton: A female James Bond would be great

ICONINSIDER — Gemma Arterton thinks a female James Bond would be “great”.
The 31-year-old actress – who starred alongside Daniel Craig in the 2008 Bond movie ‘Quantum of Solace’ – has claimed film producer Barbara Broccoli is “one of the biggest feminists in the world” and she can, therefore, envision there being a female 007.
She shared: “Barbara Broccoli is one of the biggest feminists in the world that I know, so I’m sure she would love to do that. Yeah, I mean why not, great.”
However, Gemma admitted her own career has moved in a distinctly different direction since she appeared in ‘Quantum of Solace’.
The actress said the roles she is offered have changed markedly over the years, especially as she’s become more outspoken in her criticism of Hollywood.
She told Sky News: “I’m approached with projects that are much more female-centric because I’ve spoken out about it so much, which is a good thing.
“But I don’t necessarily look for these kind of feminist messages or anything like that, but it’s always quite nice when there’s a message in there.
“The future projects I have are all kind-of about women that are great, or not great, they’re idiotic, or silly, they’re just about women so that’s a good thing.”
By contrast, Gemma was less sure of herself during her first few years in the movie business and her uncertainty led her to accept a series of regrettable jobs.
Gemma – who made her film debut in ‘St Trinian’s’ in 2007 – shared: “I was very young when I started and then a series of events happened to me and I thought, ‘Oh no, actually this is what I want to say – and I think that’s how it’s kind of progressed for me.'”

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